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Online Medical History Questionnaire

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A new MHQ is launching on December 11, 2020!

Submissions to the current MHQ system will be accepted until December 10, 2020, 9:00pm PST. After this date, submissions will be done in the new MHQ site.

What's Coming to MHQ:
  • You will log into MHQ using your UCLA Logon ID or AD/Mednet ID.
  • MHQ submissions in the current system will not be carried over to the new MHQ site for viewing.
  • Current MHQ submissions that have not expired prior to December 11 will remain valid.
  • MHQ submissions that expire on or before Dec. 11 in the current site will need to be re-submitted in the new MHQ site.
  • MHQ submissions that have the following status: "Pending Review," or "Under Review," will continue to go through the normal review process. There will be no need to create a new MHQ submission on the new site unless that submission expires on or before Dec. 11..

Welcome to MHQ Online!

All UCLA staff and/or students who handle animals or animal tissue, or who have access to the vivarium, must complete this form each year. All questions are required.
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